Firmware Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-S320Vl
Firmware/ROM Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-S320Vl

Description Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky

Whether you’re scrolling through photos or connecting with friends and family, you’ll get a bright, full picture on the 5.0″ HD Super AMOLED display.

With 16GB¹ of built-in memory, you can store more than 5,000 photos or 2,500 songs² directly on your device. Get up to an additional 128GB of memory with a microSD™ card³ so you can you can enjoy more of your favorite music, photos and games on the go.

Simplify your experience when you turn on Easy Mode. Featuring fewer, larger icons and simpler app interactions, Easy Mode lets you get to your favorites quickly.

Information Firmware Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky SM-S320Vl

BrandSamsung Galaxy J3 Sky

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